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"Selling Tech Solutions with Impact" is a game-changing sales training program that empowers professionals to excel in the dynamic tech industry. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, participants gain the skills and strategies needed to drive impactful sales results. Unlock your sales potential and achieve success in selling tech solutions with our transformative training program."


Complete Training for 15 Days for PKR 98,000/- with Guaranteed job for successfull candidates

(Lectures, Workshop, Exercise, Assignments. Presentation, Assessments, Interview)



We Empower Sales Professionals for Success


Module 1 - Introduction to Technology Sales & Technology Sales Career Roadmap - PKR 30,000/- / USD 150


Module 2 - Technology Sales Eco-Systems (Customer<>Partners<>Distributors<>Principal) - PKR 30,000/- / USD 150


Module 3 - Communication Skills,  Personal Skills, Document Management - PKR 30,000/- / USD 150


Module 4 - RFP - RFQ - Responses & Proposal Writing - PKR 30,000/- / USD 150


Module 5 - Sales Mangement - PKR 30,000/- / USD 150


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Module 1

Introduction to Technology Sales

technology sales career roadmap

Explore the fundamentals of technology sales and chart your career path in this dynamic field. This module is your gateway to understanding the landscape of technology sales and planning your professional journey.

Module 2 

Technology Sals Eco-system


Dive into the intricate relationships within the technology sales eco-system, understanding the dynamics between customers, partners, distributors, and principals. This module equips you with the insights necessary to navigate and thrive in these critical networks.

Module 3

personal & communication Skills &

Document Management

Enhance your communication and personal skills while mastering document management in technology sales. This module empowers you with the essential soft skills needed for effective engagement in the industry.

Module 4

RFP & RFQ Responses

& Proposal Writing

Learn the art of crafting compelling responses to Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Quotation (RFQ), and hone your proposal writing skills. This module is designed to elevate your ability to secure business through well-crafted proposals.

Module 5

Sales Management

This module focuses on Enterprise Account Management & sales management techniques, including opportunity identification, sales pipeline/funnel management, and account management. Participants will learn strategies for maximizing sales opportunities, nurturing leads, and effectively managing client relationships through pre-sales and post-sales engagement