Selling Tech Solutions with Impact


We Empower Sales Professionals for Success

"Selling Tech Solutions with Impact" is a game-changing sales training program that empowers professionals to excel in the dynamic tech industry. With a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance, participants gain the skills and strategies needed to drive impactful sales results. Unlock your sales potential and achieve success in selling tech solutions with our transformative training program."


Module 1 - Introduction to Sales


Module 2 - Communication & Personal Skills


Module 3 - Document Management


Module 4 - RFP - Proposal Writing


Module 5 - Sales Management


Module 6 - Technologies  to Sell



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Module 1

Introduction to Sales

This module provides an overview of the training program, highlighting its objectives and practical application. Participants will understand the importance of active engagement and gain a clear understanding of what to expect from the course

Module 2 

Communication & Personal Skills

This module focuses on enhancing participants' communication and personal skills, covering email and letter writing, professional appearance, effective meetings, and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools. Participants will develop the essential skills needed to excel in sales communication

Module 3

Document Management

This module equips participants with the skills to manage documents effectively and write impactful technical proposals. Participants will learn about document structure, compliance, data collection, and proper compilation techniques to create professional and compliant documents

Module 4

RFP - Proposal Writing

Participants will gain the necessary skills to write compelling proposals and effectively manage the bidding process. This module covers RFP reading, compliance, evaluation, bid preparation, and bid submission & opening, ensuring participants are well-equipped to navigate the proposal writing and bid management process

Module 5

Sales Management

This module focuses on sales management techniques, including opportunity identification, sales pipeline/funnel management, and account management. Participants will learn strategies for maximizing sales opportunities, nurturing leads, and effectively managing client relationships through pre-sales and post-sales engagement

Module 6

Technologies  to Sell

This module introduces participants to the vendor ecosystem and various hardware and software technologies. Participants will gain knowledge of vendor principals, partner account managers, and distributors, along with an understanding of hardware components (servers, storage, networks) and software solutions (server/client software, web/desktop/mobile applications). This module prepares participants to effectively sell and communicate the value of different technologies to customers