Our Team & Advisors

Meet the Team

Our team comprises dedicated experts from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills and experience to the table. Together, we form an unstoppable force, equipped to tackle complex challenges and deliver ground-breaking solutions.


Mehmood Lodhi, a seasoned leader at Techno Sales with 20+ years of expertise, excels in steering teams and delivering intricate solutions in infrastructure, digital transformation, big data, IoT, and more. His commitment extends to actively mentoring startups and the new generation. Dedicated to aiding public sector clients in their digital transformation, Mehmood is not just an IT industry leader but a knowledge-sharing enthusiast contributing through research publications, webinars, and workshops. As a mentor for aspiring IT professionals, startups, and students, he believes in empowering organizations and people for success. Mehmood embodies a holistic commitment to excellence and advancement.


Brig (R) Shahid Iqbal, a seasoned security expert with CISSP, CISA and ISO 27001, a senior consultant and trainer specializing in data centers, information security, and project management. With an impressive career spanning over 30 years in the Public Sector, Shahid has excelled in diverse technical and leadership roles. His belief in empowering organizations and people for success is evident in his expertise, particularly in designing, implementing, and validating cybersecurity architectures from minor to major levels. Shahid's competencies encompass pivotal areas such as Data Privacy, Risk Management, Network Security, Cybersecurity, and Analytical Skills, making him a formidable force in the realm of digital transformation.

Dr. Adeel Akram, a PhD holder from UET Taxila, brings over 20 years of experience in information and communication technology, specializing in wireless communication, network security, multimedia ad hoc networks, and artificial neural networks. With 50+ papers in esteemed journals and conferences, he is recognized for research excellence and is affiliated with professional bodies. Currently serving as the dean of the Faculty of Electrical, Auto, and Mechanical Engineering Technology at the Punjab Tianjin University of Technology (PTUT) in Pakistan, he provides strategic guidance as an advisor on leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovations in digital transformation and telecommunication engineering, empowering organizations and people for success.


Mubbashir Ahmad, a Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect expert and trainer, brings over 18 years of experience in IT systems engineering, deployment, and automation. With advanced knowledge and proven skills, he specializes in architecting, designing, and implementing large-scale, highly available, and secure solutions using Microsoft public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies. His expertise spans identity management, encompassing authentication and authorization, as well as hybrid identity architecture, security, and digital transformation. Additionally, Mubbashir serves as an advisor to teams, offering guidance on complex solutions and empowering them for success.


Dr. Naima Altaf, holds a PhD in Software Engineering and is a gold medalist. Her impactful contributions span pervasive computing, trust, security, and recommendation systems with focus on AI & ML. , she's shaped academic discourse as An award-winning educator, she mentors students in cutting-edge topics like machine learning. Beyond academia, she's an active member of IEEE and ACM. With over 9 years of teaching, Dr. Iltaf specializes in recommender systems, earning the Best Researcher Award in 2020. With 40+ publications, supervising projects and PhD students.

Sadia Hashmi, a mental wellbeing counselor and trainer with a master’s degree in counseling, offers psychological services and workshops to individuals and organizations. Passionate about overcoming challenges, she integrates positive psychology and team dynamics for digital transformation and organizational success. She conducts workshops and training sessions for organizations on mental health awareness, stress management, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and team building, focusing on projects adoption. As a volunteer and mentor, Sadia actively contributes to social causes in education, women empowerment, and child protection.