Business Continuity Services

Datatics Systems Private Limited offers Business Continuity As a Service (BCaaS) to its clients. We have a team of experts who can help you with the following services:


  • Impact analysis: This is the process of identifying and assessing the potential impacts of various disruptions on systems, such as loss of revenue, reputation, customer satisfaction, etc.

  • Policies: These are the guidelines and standards that define the scope, objectives, roles, and responsibilities of your continuity program.

  • Disaster recovery (DR): This is the process of restoring systems and applications to normal or near-normal operation after a disruption, using the backups and other resources available.

  • Audits: These are the reviews and evaluations of continuity program to ensure that it meets the requirements, expectations, and standards of your organization and other stakeholders, such as regulators, customers, etc.

  • Other related services: These are the additional services that a BCaaS provider can offer to support your continuity program, such as testing, training, consulting, reporting, etc.

Datatics Systems Private Limited is a company that offers BCaaS for systems and applicationsWe have a team of experts who can help you design, implement, and maintain a robust and effective deserter recovery and business continuity program.

Business continuity as a service

Datatics Business continuity as a service (BCaaS) is the practice of outsourcing the design, implementation, and maintenance of business continuity program. BCaaS can help you ensure that your critical systems are resilient and recoverable in the event of a disruption.